Jawara Gordon

Full Stack Developer | Software Engineer

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Earth's Crust


Plant-Based Pizzeria Serving the best pizza on the planet! Open 24/7 364 - (closed on Earth Day)

A web application that uses a React & Gatsby front-end, a Sanity & GraphQL back-end and a custom designed API.

Life Music


Life Music - Mood-Generated Soundtracks | Create a profile, Pick your mood, Listen to music, Live your life

A fullstack web application that uses a React front-end, a Ruby on Rails back-end and a PostgresQL database.

Place Jam


Locate and rate basketball courts in your local area.

A React app that uses an Open Weather API and plays the "PlaceJam" theme song with an HTML audio player.

Music Production

I love writing & recording music for myself and others!

Graduating with an A.S. from Full Sail University taught me a lot, but I learned the most from applying my knowledge in the field. Working as a booking agent & professional DJ allowed me to gain a unique perspective of what it's like to be on the stage and behind the scenes.

Art & Design

Digital Art is one of my greatest passions.

I've designed projects using tools like the Adobe Creative Suite and Canva. I recently started a company called 75 Degree Studios with a focus on educating artists about blockchain technology while connecting them with non-profit charity organizations.

Video & Photo

Our world is powered by images.

Video editing has become a creative way for me to tell my stories. I've created music videos for my original songs along with photographing unique experiences like Art Basel Miami.

Blogs & Resources

Slide Decks

Brilliant Black Minds (Karat):
"Optimizing Your First 90 Days as a Software Engineer"

Brilliant Black Minds Presentation

June 2023

Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance:
"Leveraging the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Your Business"

Web Dev Timeline

A brief history of how I got started.

I fell in love with technology at a very early age.

My best childhood friend had a Dell desktop computer we would stay up all night learning how to use.

We quickly got up to speed by creating our first CLI program "BERSERK.BAT" (an infinite loop we tricked our parents into using.)

Satisfied with our new status as "hackers" we went on to explore the new world of Windows & OSX GUIs...

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